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  1. Imran thank you for your help, my point is why only my gigs are facing this issue? And why I face this issue always? As I mentioned it happened last year and then my profile remain on top of search from Feb 2023 to July 2023 and then disappeared again. And strange thing is that I do get new clients on fiverr but very rarely and specifically the clients who are using fiverr for the first time.
  2. Hi My gigs stopped showing on top of search since August 2023 and now they are not appearing on any page in my category. I have more then 1000 reviews on my profile and despite that my gigs are not showing. My impressions used to be 12k for 30 days now they are hardly 100 impressions in 30 days. I have contacted customer support and they have said that gigs auto rotate but it is now almost 6 months and my gigs are not getting back on search ranking. It happened with me in August 2022 as well and then my gig got the ranking back in Feb 2023. My question is why is it only my profile getting this problem whereas other sellers in my category are always appearing in search. Is there something wrong at my end? Please help.
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