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  1. Reply to @seodummy: happy new year full of success and good luck
  2. Reply to @yourawesome: thank you. I am reassured. I thought it was a problem with my account. fortunately this is not the case. Best Regards Hbconsultant
  3. As promised, here is the response of the : “The ‘responsiveness’ does not refer to your order deliveries but to you response time to fiverr messages. Once you complete a month on fiverr the N/A should show your average response time.” :)>-
  4. Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you for the advice. I just contact support. I received many messages and I answered them all. I will put it answer the “support” once I get it.
  5. Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you for your patience. I want to know why I have this bar that is blocked and does not move. And why it is marked N/A. Since I started on Fiverr for 26 days, I don’t ignored any message and I delivered before the time my orders.
  6. Reply to @kjblynx: Is everyone on the same bar on the same level with reference N/A ?
  7. Reply to @zefiro: Yes, I respond to offers and also to messages. Bar “RESPONSIVENESS” is always at the same stage.
  8. Hello On “Analytics Sales”, There are a bar under the name of “RESPONSIVENESS”. I know it is “The time it takes you to respond to new buyer inquiries”. I’m on Fiverr since 26 days. I made 14 sales on Gig “I will convert your website into ANDROID app and publish it on Google Play for $ 5” with a POSITIVE RATING “100%”. I have always respected the delivery. But the bar is still stuck at the same level. I wonder why?
  9. –=--=–=--= @voiceoverwork –=--=–=--= Many thanks to you. You are always there to give advice for free. Thank you again and good luck. @};-
  10. Hello I must thank you for this generous initiative on your part. I’m new to Fiverr, can you see my profile and my concerts? Thank you in advance.
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