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  1. Write your own profile description (from scratch) instead of stealing someone else’s. Write your own gig descriptions (from scratch) instead of stealing someone else’s. Use only the artwork (for gig pictures and examples of your work) that you have designed yourself, from scratch, instead of stealing someone else’s. What you did so far can only convince buyers that you would sell them stolen goods, so, of course, they will choose someone else (anyone who seems more honest). You exactly point all important things 😘 @catwriter
  2. At first, make your gig unique. Unique title, Unique description, Unique Price range, Unique services and finally Unique Gig Picture. Never copy a single sentence from other or Top freelancer. You can research a lot about other gigs, then make a unique gig. You can make your gig picture with photoshop or pizap tools instead of copy from others. Provide your best work for a single cent. Clients will put you an awesome review. An awesome review can help you to get more orders and gig favorite. Thanks pmjisan
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