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  1. Hello! I opened this post more than 7 years ago and, until recently, I couldn’t find a solution. I have one now, which is not too complicated. You need to create a payoneer card account with fiverr, and a transferwise multi-currency account. The thing is that you can link your payoneer account to your transferwise account in dollars so when you withdrawn your money from fiverr to payoneer it will go directly to your transferwise account. I remember having to contact payoneer through the chat at some point to get it the link done because I already had my Spanish bank account linked, but it was resolved quickly. I recommend this method, as payoneer will not charge anything for this operation (or maybe a fixed rate of $1) and transferwise currency exchange is the cheapest I know. Hope this helps! Regards
  2. They charge that fee for opening I guess? Or for the wire transfers?
  3. Hi, Thank you all for the commetns, jbadrawings, when I recieve the payment from fiverr, it’s in dollars, I have to convert it before withdrawn it to my local bank account. I’m doing some reserch to creat a US bank account but is not very easy. I will look in forex traders or something similar. I’ll let you know if I find something interesting.
  4. Hi people, I’m a bit concern about the commissions PayPal charges me when I change the currency from Dollar to Euro, it’s pretty abusive, about a 3% and also it’s kind of “undercover”, they just apply a different exchange rate, pretty far from the actual rate, about 3-4 cents per dollar (but they don’t say nothing about the gap they use). Also Paypal doesn’t let me transfer the funds directly in dollars to an Spanish account, even though this one does let me recieve and convert those dollars at a really reduced cost (less than 0,5%). So I’m trying to find a solution to this, but the Payoneer Card doesn’t seem a good solution either, if you are in USA it’s ok but here if you want to withdraw in a ATM they charge you more than 3 dollars and a 3% for the currency change so it’s more or less the same story. Is it possible to do a international wire transfer in dollars from a payoneer card to my spanish bank acount? This would be a good solution even if they charged me $40, because right now I have $5000 in paypal and the %3 of that is $150… I’m looking a long term solution as Fiverr has become a great income and I would like to keep it for me and not share it with the banks…Another solution I’ve thought is to create a bank account in USA, but that seems difficult. Any other ideas? How do you withdraw your money from Fiverr? Thanks!
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