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  1. I see buyer request come front of me after 50 + apply I reload again and again but I want to see when it post and apply 0 to 10 . what should I do when 50 + apply has completed then I see and apply but buyer not response me. any suggest please .
  2. I try to more and every day I apply buyer request but nobody response me more of the day I did not get new buyer can give me some tips so that I try to that way .
  3. Yes I read this and all are right but what;s the problem I can;t understand
  4. I have try to more to gig promotion by add it not be run just notification me . what should I do can anybody help me . Screenshot_1851×194 19.5 KB
  5. More are people face this problem but we don;t know it;s reaso.
  6. Hello, I am seller level 2 I have all are fit gig impression and marketing old client repeat again and again but didn;t get any new client massage or ordered. What should I do can you help me please.
  7. Don,t be worried! Go ahead,must be will you order again.you can more send buyers offer to your gigs and share with social networking site.
  8. Stay online more I think you will get buyers request
  9. Why you want to show online whene you are not active with fiverr if a buyer contact you but you can not response what is benefit to show you online?? So I think you are try to active fiverr it will be great for you.
  10. I think so firstly make size smaller than 550x370 pixels then atyached hopfully will be done.
  11. No need to multiple account for various service just one profile you can make gig various services and I have two different service graphics design and responsive web design. You can do this same.
  12. Yes you can used and now I am mobile and computer no problem.
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