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  1. Thanks so much sir ! I think I’ll find a job or something… You’re right
  2. Thanks for your message ma’am, I understand that taking matter into my own hands was wrong, but thst order was closed on 28th October, I thought fiverr won’t be able to help me in this situation because it was months ago and maybe that buyer no longer uses fiverr, so i had to take this matter in my hands, it wasn’t my intention to do that but i was really pissed off , the buyer too violated fiverr TOS and cancellation policy then how come only i was punished ? Why fiverr did not took anything in my favor ? Can you help me in this ma’am ? Can you talk to fiverr regarding this ?
  3. You should care. You broke the rules, and got your account disabled. You begged Customer Support for help and promised never to break the rules again, and then you go and break them again. I understand that you’re panicking, but how is repeatedly breaking the rules going to help you? I understand but what can i do ? Fiverr is my only source of income, I depend on it… Doesn’t have to be this way…this isn’t fair, fiverr isn’t fair
  4. And i could not contact them on fiverr because my account is disabled, so this was the only way…
  5. My account is disabled, my livelihood is at stake, do you think i care about that now ? I will get all the help i want…if you were in my situation, what would you have done ?
  6. I made their websites, i went to their websites and used the e-mail address that were on their website and that’s how i was able to contact 9-10 of my clients…although i have completed more than 150 orders…
  7. I even told my clients to submit a request to fiverr stating that how great i was in making their websites and that i never done anything bad…so around 9-10 of my clients whom i was able to contact, they raised a ticket to fiverr mentioning all the goods about me…let’s see what they will say now 😦 i hope i get my account back… this is my everything
  8. I told them this Dear sirs, Please accept my explanation for what happened yesterday. I have been a seller on Fiverr for a long time (one year) with over one hundred thirty seven excellent reviews. On October 25, 2016, I received a request from (name_of_that_fraud_buyer) for a website to be delivered on October 28, 2016. I worked very hard, as I always do to deliver it. He didn’t like my work and cancelled the website. I worked hard on this website and feel like my time and effort was wasted. However, I moved on. This week, I was online and checked to see the website I built for (name_of_that_fraud_buyer) and to my great surprise, it was UP and FUNCTIONAL! I was in shock and was angered that (name_of_that_fraud_buyer) stole my work. I should have contacted Fiverr support immediately, but I took matters into my own hands and crashed his website…an action that I have deeply regretted. I have been in good standing with Fiverr for a year and I am a level 2 seller. Please don’t take my livelihood away from one mistake. As you can well see, I have excellent reviews. This lapse in judgment is something that will never happen again. Please reinstate my account to its normal functioning.
  9. But what would you have done if you were in my place ?
  10. Hi there, everyone my name is Akshay Sihag and i’m a Level 2 seller with 5 star rating and 137 positive reviews so far , not ever i got a negative review. So recently fiverr disabled my account, just today…this is what message i am getting “Your account is currently restricted by our Trust & Safety team. For more information, please contact Customer Support here.” Before you read further, let me tell you that i’m a highly rated seller and even people here on forums loved my posts, here they are Considering Fiverr as your 9 to 5 job, here are some tips for you ! [ARCHIVED] There was a client, he placed an order with me on 25th october and i made his website, worked hard …then delivered, he wasn’t satisfied with the final delivery so he cancelled the order on 28th october, now recently i was checking my cancelled orders and i went through this client’s order and just checked his website to see what it looks like now, and i was SHOCKED to see he was still using my website ( which he can’t because it’s against fiverr cancellation policy), i got angry and instead of contacting fiverr about this i took everything into my hands and then logged into his wordpress website ( yeah, he didn’t changed the password even) so i went into the website and deleted his whole website and wrote a message on his website that you cheated with me and that you cannot use my website for free. He came to knew about this and he figured it was me, so he contacted fiverr support and then fiverr said it’s against fiverr trust & safety terms to do such a thing. I was annoyed, i was angry that’s why i did all of this which was my biggest mistake and i regret it but fiverr did not listened to me at all, even when i said it’s against your cancellation policy that buyer cannot use the delivered goods if an order is cancelled. They did not heared at all and this is the e-mail i got from them Hi Akshay, Your account has been reviewed by our Trust & Safety team. We’ve received several complaints from your previous buyers regarding the performance of your services on Fiverr. After further review of your previous order and account history, your account has been disabled. You may not use Fiverr for any unlawful purposes or in furtherance of illegal activities. Taking in to consideration multiple factors, we can not allow sellers on our marketplace who offer poor experiences for buyers. Please contact us again after a safety period of 90 days to learn how to withdraw any available revenue from this account. Now what shall i do ? Fiverr is my only source of income, i don’t have a job…i don’t work on any other freelancing websites, my livelihood depends upon fiverr, my family is dependent on me. I don’t know what to do. And i never had any negative review, only 1-2 clients had issues with me regarding something and they contacted fiverr support and based on taht fiverr said We’ve received several complaints from your previous buyers , everything turned upside down for me in one day… I understand what i did was wrong but just based on one client and not considering those 137 positive reviews , how can fiverr do this to me ? If you were me, what would you have done in my place ? Any suggestions guys ? What should i do now ?
  11. Tell me what are your gig’s title and what tags are you using ?
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