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  1. Few things that i have noted in your gigs which needs improvement. Your gig images needs a lot of improvement. Work on them.Work on your gig description. Make them more clear and explanatory.Your gig tags needs improvement too. Some of them aren’t even relevant.You can take idea about these points from your competitor gigs. Check top competitors in your category and list down how can you present your services better than them. Also make sure you send buyer requests daily. I hope this will help. All the best 🙂
  2. The bullets/stars that you have used in the description can be causing the issue.
  3. If you have just started on fiverr so i would suggest that work on your gigs. Look for your competitors in your category and point out what can you do better than them in terms of presentation of your gig and services. Keep working on your skills and try to use full quota of buyer requests on daily basis as that will help you get orders. Most importantly remain patient and consistent. All the best 👍
  4. Yes, his review will be visible on your profile after 10 days from the day he posted the review.
  5. You will receive the notification when buyer will leave the review after that you would be able to give review to buyer. But don’t ask from buyer by yourself that leave review, it’s against fiverr terms of service. It’s up to him/her that whether they want to give you review or not.
  6. First of all don’t change anything in your gig if its performing well. What i would suggest is that deliver the pending orders timely and keep providing quality service to maintain or improve this position further.
  7. No, it doesn’t make any effect. You need organic clicks and then conversion from those clicks to rank your gig.
  8. I have faced the same issue multiple times. Sometime the comments are visible and sometime i receive a notification that you have X new comments and when i open that notification then nothing is there.
  9. Try different tags. In your gig description you have mentioned different logo types i.e signature, typography etc while your tags doesn’t cover those things. So try to cover those in your tags. Secondly you are in high competitive niche so do your research and see how you can further improve your gig representation from your competitors. Also i would suggest that since you have expertise in different logo types so try to create separate gigs for them, this will give you more chance of getting orders.
  10. Initially you can create 7 gigs so try to create 7 gigs to have maximum chance of getting orders. Also work on your existing gigs. I have checked your gigs they need a lot of improvement. Work on your gig images, description etc. Check other seller gigs in your category and see how they have presented their gigs which will give you an idea (don’t copy their gig images or description its against fiverr tos). Try to present your gig better than your competitors. Beside this stay active and make full use of buyer requests daily.
  11. For some categories you have to pass a specific test in order to publish your gig and yours is one of them. Pass the test and you will be able to publish your gig.
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