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  1. One of my biggest problems with incomplete orders (apart from them sitting on my dashboard indefinitely, which I understand to an extent) is how they skew the figures for my Expected Earnings/ I think Expected Earnings would be more accurate and helpful if it only considered active and ongoing orders. Not sure if this has been suggested before, but perhaps for as long as an order remains incomplete it could not count towards this?
  2. With zero repercussions, of course. Buyers will place an order, never fill out the requirements, and the order sits in your ‘Active Orders’ tab for all eternity. Not the most pressing of issues with the site, but it niggles.
  3. https://fiverr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new You need to submit a ticket to customer service under Order Support outlining the problem. They will help you to resolve it.
  4. I’ve only had sweet Indian drinks, not food. Lassi is pretty good.
  5. Limit the number of modifications a buyer can request. No matter how many modifications you allow per order, a buyer can keep requesting them indefinitely, even if you clearly state that an additional modification will cost extra. Some buyers use this to hold sellers ‘hostage’ until they can get what they want, be it free or additional work they never paid for. If you have a maximum of two modifications allowed, then the buyer should only be able to send two, after which, they would have to pay your cost to send an additional request for modification. I realize some sellers might try to abuse this by re-delivering with no changes or no file attached, but in that case the penalty could be a strike against their account or lower ratings if customer service sees that the issue is on their part. That is just a suggestion, however. Maybe there would be a better way to handle that.
  6. Will I be expected to pay my own airfare or is travel included?
  7. I went back and checked on two previously delivered orders from months ago, and now they’re showing up in my to do list. Is this is happening for anyone else?
  8. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to share what those religious reasons are? I’m genuinely curious.
  9. ‘The Ranting Pot’ is for speaking on Fiverr related frustrations. This post would have fit better in the ‘Conversations’ category.
  10. Some cheap sandals, or a boxed lunch, or a huge bottle of coconut water, or four bus rides. (Random maybe, but these are things I have actually bought) Edit: I’m from Jamaica
  11. If a buyer searches reviews from the seller’s profile, and they see a negative review, the only way to see the response is to search for the specific gig (which is never indicated, so unless the buyer says something specific about the service, or the seller only has one gig, there is no way to know), and scroll all the way down to when that review was left. Otherwise buyers don’t get to hear your side of the story.
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