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  1. Hi, Yes. They can do that because they could chat you directly and not using revision option. But consider if they’re asking more that your gig offers you could cancel but please consider is important to complete orders even sometimes you have to offer few more revisions 🙂 Thanks
  2. Welcome to our community 🙂 Here you will find a lot of content that will be helpful for you.
  3. Hi, Looks better now 😃 Thanks
  4. Yeah! It looks better but also I suggest you to use gig pricing packages to offer for different criteria. Thanks
  5. That’s linked with gigs that you have created. You will get requests from categories of gigs that you have. Suggestion* Create more gigs of different categories and you will have more requests.
  6. Hello! Yes. You have that option. In the menu bar go to “More” and you will see “Buyer Requests” as option where you will find buyer requests and you can send offers to them. Thanks
  7. Hi there, I think gig description need to be reduced. I think as content writer that means more you can write less and say more. So it’s very important to write short but very helpful description. And I have another suggestion for you to be more specific about category of articles that you have more experience. E.g. I will offer tech articles or something similar so you can create more gigs for specific things because only as content writer I think it could be a little bit harder for you to get first orders. That’s what I think that not means the right thing is like I think 😃 I hope you will start getting orders asap!! Best wishes!
  8. I think the problem is with freelancers that not know why they’re offering specific price for a service (gig). Everyone need to explain to customers why they’re charging specific price and on that way they will never have problems. Also now customers not look only the PRICE because many times that’s waste of TIME. Because they know that someone can’t offer lower rates than others for the same price. And few people lower their rate only to get jobs but that non-sense. **INVEST IN MARKETING AND NOT TRYING TO LOWER RATE AS YOUR MARKETING INVESTMENT!! 😃 **
  9. @ultimatefantasy I understand your concern but if buyer want to tip seller he has to tip the Fiverr system, too. Because the buyer found that “excellent” seller using Fiverr system. So Fiverr need to get part of that tip. That’s simple because many of sellers here use Fiverr because not have other way to get projects and also I’m sure that most of people make tip because Fiverr suggest Tip after they complete the order. And trust me that’s very important to remind them to tip you because they’re very happy with what seller has done but also with the system that helped client to find that seller. Sorry writing all of that 😄 but I just wanted to share my opinion.
  10. Hello, I suggest you to use different image as gig thumbnail and also include you username within image so buyers will see that’s your work. Also I suggest you to remove parts “Hello buyer” and “I’m experienced 4” and to be more focused only explaining what you’re offering. Also it will be better if you create more gigs and not all of these services as one gig because on that way you have lower chances to sell them. Because buyers search for specific service. I hope that will help you 🙂
  11. That’s good idea but again has buyers that not pay attention to gig description. And also when buyers have more complex project they think your gig price is for everything you need. And the problem is that buyer purchase gig and says “I want my task completed within 2 days if you want to receive good review.” and that’s worst case for sellers because they use our review system and we not have solution because if we cancel order it will break our great statistics. I have experience canceling one order because seller wasn’t online for many days and I was waiting for his response and I lost Level badge and that’s terrible. And I hope Fiverr team will solve that soon 🙂 I hope I have contributed to think from new perspective!
  12. Have you checked your email for any confirmation link when you try to withdraw ?
  13. I’m sorry for that 😦 But here not have other option only to solve that problem and Fiverr will solve it. So continue selling new gigs and be focused on getting new orders
  14. Hi, As new seller I suggest you to stay ONLINE because that’s important and also is important what you write when you send requests. On your requests explain to buyers what you can do and why you’re offering your price. And also when needed you can send questions to buyers so they will understand you know what to do and also tell them when you’re ready to start working on her/his project. Another suggestion: Create clear and interesting gigs for clients. Is more important how you offer gigs and how you describe them than what you offer. I hope these suggestions will help you. Thank you 🙂
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