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  1. Yes. That is how the current seller levels system works. As a “New Seller” (which you are right now), you will see few to no buyer requests. There is no way to change this. When you are promoted to “Level 1” you will see plenty of buyer requests in your gig categories that you can respond to. You are welcome to doubt this as much as you wish. Doubting the truth of how Fiverr works is not going to make it change in your favor. The current system went into effect on January 15. If you were a “New Seller” for the first time before that date, things were different. Since January 15, and for the foreseeable future, this is how things work now. Work hard to be promoted back up to “Level 1” and you will see plenty of buyer requests again. Good luck. can you provide the link to justify your statement? 2 reasons why I can’t believe this is the truth is 1- buyers requests is and was the best way for a new seller to fetch orders and rank up beside getting orders on the gig. 2- I had buyer requests last day and my new seller rank changed on 15th and also just saw many people complaining about it since last night.
  2. So if some one is new seller there wont be any buyer requests, i doubt that because when i started i did had the buyer requests when i was new seller. can you provide me a link where it is mentioned
  3. What happened to the buyer request, is it only me or happening to everyone i have gigs from web, mobile field and 0 buyer requests are showing where as before i was receiving atleast 300+ each day.
  4. Hello Good day I would like to suggest that please remove those buyer request where the buyer has already create an order with a seller so no one else can send offer as they will waste it. for example what I noticed a few days back is I got an order from buyer request page, At that time there were only 10 offers sent. After 2 days when i completed that order that buyer request was still there on the buyer request page and sellers were still submitting the offers, which is not fair I guess as only 10 requests are there to be submitted by the seller.
  5. posted in a group as well and someone mentioned that he got 6 warnings so far and each warning vanished after 90 days.
  6. Someone asked a question about the warning. How long does the warning stay in the account? As far as i know warning stays in an account for 90 days but someone said that it stays with account for lifetime of account, 3 warnings and you are out.
  7. Its a bug, same happened to me as well even i had 90% last day as well today and its showing 89% on-time delivery in email. 89% was 2 days back and it was got to 90% last day and it is right now as well. they removed my level 2 and level 1 as well.
  8. Thank you everyone, much appreciated.
  9. If a buyer asks you about your city, from where you are? I know they can see that what is your country on your profile but if they ask for the city. Is this kinda information, if sent to the buyer is against TOS or not?
  10. yes there is a bug on everyone phone and desktop it is still showing 14th Feb or 15th Feb instead of march.
  11. Never send a delivery which is not related to buyer requirement. what i would suggest is that what ever requirement they have provided work according to it and submit that work and ask the buyer to click revision if you have missed something.
  12. Press the button 😃 Let them take out the Screams of joy and sadness. Happy freelancing everyone.
  13. From last few days, i have been noticing that whenever I send a proposal on buyer request, new buyer requests are loaded with 0 proposals after 5-10 minutes when I do make a hard refresh of the website. without that I only get pre-defined each day buyer requests at 4 am my time when my 10 proposals are reset as well. I am getting new buyer requests whenever I make a hard refresh after 5-10 minutes of the last proposal sent some time the time can be more but i don’t have to wait for 24 hours for a new buyer requests. is this some kind of bug or fiver has updated buyer requests region process? How to Hard Refresh Window user ctrl+shift+r Mac User hold ctrl + press refresh button of browser Best Regards
  14. Here is something which you can read to increase your customer/orders. Hope this helps. https://forum.fiverr.com/t/follow-these-steps-if-you-need-more-orders-stuck-out-tongue-winking-eye-stuck-out-tongue-winking-eye-stuck-out-tongue-winking-eye/118898/2
  15. Welcome to the club, Read Fiverr Academy and after that here are some useful links to read. Fiverr Forum Follow These Steps If You Need MORE ORDERS! ? ? ?Hello friends!! As you know, It is not an easy job to find a job if you are new to fiverr. It doesn't matter how creative you are, how experienced seller, finding first few orders will be really tough coz you are new here. No one knows about you so... Reading time: 3 mins ? Likes: 66 ❤ https://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/205167778-What-URLs-can-I-use-in-my-profile-or-Gig-description-
  16. got bored in class because i love sleeping in class 😃
  17. Send buyer requests daily. Promote your gigs on social media Study Fiver Academy.
  18. Congrats and keep up the good work 🙂
  19. contact CS and they will help you in this matter.
  20. when did you create your gig? it takes around 24 hours before all the stats are updated. give it some time. DO send buyer requests to get more views impression and clicks.
  21. I can see your gig in the search but you have to improve your gigs and send buyer requests daily to get it to 1st 5 pages.
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