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  1. I have this as well and yesterday I replied to the last order with the usual “Thank you for your order …” message and it disappeared. I think that they register the made order as an update and you need to reply to it for it to go away.
  2. Again?! I just delivered an order, but the image I attached is not there. I cannot see it, probably the client cannot see it.
  3. Hello! I am not sure if it’s only me, but I still have some issues. I had to deliver an order again because it didn’t go thru and even though it is still listed under active orders. Haven’t heard from the client, but I hope she got it this time. Also another issue I see is that I cannot seem to read and reply to a new message in my inbox. It says “Something went wrong. Try refreshing the page.”
  4. It has happened to me several times now. Buyers attach an image along the request modification option mentioning what needs to be changed. I get all confused because I am not 100% sure what he’s talking about since I cannot see the image and most of the time I don’t know that there was supposed to be an image attached to the message. Several messages in the buyer mentioned that he sent me the image with the modifications and gets all annoyed because he pointed the exact location in it so he doesn’t understand why I don’t get it. Does that make any sense? Am I the only one having this issue? I usually have to ask the buyer to resend the images via regular updates on the order.
  5. This year I earned half of what I did in 2017, but that’s ok because I had time to start a lot of other projects including my own website. But yeah, on fiverr, this year sucked for me. 😂
  6. Just wait 10 days. You will probably not be able to review it, but it will show in 10 days on your gig. I had two the same, when I contacted CS they told me that the buyer waited to long to review me so the period I was able to post my review expired. So, the buyer waited 10 days to review me so I was not able to post mine even though I wanted to review him 2 hours before him. After that I had to wait another 10 days to see the review.
  7. I think that those are available for Pro Sellers and Top Rated Sellers. In that case the seller might have been a TRS and has been demoted.
  8. I love learning, I enjoy purchasing courses online especially if they are relevant to what I do, but I’m gonna pass at the moment. I love working here, but my gigs have been all over the place lately. And I mean all over the places. It jumped from page 9 to page 3, to page 5 and now 10 in the categories and this is in the past few days. It makes no sense and I am not ready to invest in a course which might or might not help me reach a favorable position in search.
  9. I am not a big fan either of the blind review. I like to have the option of defending myself in the case of a negative review. I just think it’s an extra stress for me. 😨
  10. Thank you for the suggestion. Just checked mine and 3 of my gigs show the rating for 60 days, but two of them show all of them. I am 100% sure of this because on one of them I haven’t had a sale for about 6 months I think. Edit: Scratch that. I see the lifetime feedbacks when I view it, but when I click on it it shows ZERO!!!
  11. Try to contact CS and tell them that it has passed more than 48 hours since you edited your gig, but it’s not back in search. I had the same issue once and they were very helpful. They will check it for you. 🙂
  12. I assume in the case of some buyers life happens so they put on hold checking their order. I have a regular who ordered 6 months ago something, the order is incomplete. I never saw her since. Another ordered 2 weeks ago, was very responsive, but after I delivered he just disappeared. I think that at one point they will come back to retrieve their files, but until then as long as you delivered everything should be ok.
  13. I would suggest not starting anything without a buyer actually ordering. Some potential clients could also use your idea and go on to someone cheaper. It happened to me once. Even on those sketches you wasted time. You could however discuss briefly the concept they are looking for before they order. 🙂
  14. As long as you deliver on time the first round even if it shows LATE after they reject the work that doesn’t count. So, be sure you deliver it on time.
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