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New and finding it difficult to get orders?


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One of the problems many new sellers on Fiverr are facing is the lack of orders. Even if you are good at what you do, nobody wants to be the first person to test the water. It is not easy to trust newbies with your hard earned money. Make sure your gig description is outstanding and also ensure you use tags that can bring you traffic.
There are two ways by which new sellers can get orders:

  1. Ask your friend to buy your gig: You can ask one or two of your friends to buy your gig and rate you.
  2. Use buyer request section: This may be a little difficult task, but you can make it through buyer request section. You should be ready to show samples of your work and be ready to guarantee money back in case the buyer is not satisfied. Also, make sure you don’t do copy and paste when you are bidding for jobs because those buyers will recognize copy and paste bid.
    Try to submit a unique bid catering for the buyer’s request. Let the buyer know what you can bring to the table, what the buyer will gain and how your work can take his/her business to the next level. Tell the buyer you will deliver on time and make sure you do in case you picked to do the job.
    Try also to offer a bonus when you are bidding; I bet nobody will reject free things. Try to convince your potential buyer that you will deliver the best.
    See you at the top!
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I would also like to add one more thing.
Your profile page should describe your all skills and description should be specific. If seller add his/her professional profile pic then it will also help in this.

*Gig description should be specific and match what you are selling and total number of “Requirements for buyers” should enough to start the task.

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