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How to WRITE Best Title, Description and Tags?


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Hi, Everyone

This Asad Zia today I will show you how to write the best title, description, and tags because these 3 steps are very important in gig making.

Here are some steps below for best gig making.

  1. TITLE:

First of all search related your gig category means (If you are LOGO DESIGNER then search minimum 15 to 20 gigs related to the logo design gig & takes some 4 or 5 best titles and then make your UNIQUE TITLE from selected titles.

  1. Description:

When you search 15 to 20 gig related to your category so it’s easy for you to make your BEST description.


It’s important for you your TAGS match your TITLE & DESCRIPTION.
Example: I will designs HIGH-QUALITY PROFESSIONAL logo for you. So takes two tags from the title and three from your description so It matches your description and title.

Because when you search 100 gigs related to your category then you make one best gig.

Sorry for bad English, because I’m not a native English Speaker.

Asad Zia

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