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Small tips for buyers


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Hello guys, Im Serban and Im from Romania! I joined on Fiverr almost 1 month ago with a recommendation from a friend and now… here I am. I like Fiverr it’s a best way to earn some extra money while doing what you love.
My first order was delivered in just 3 days on Fiverr and now I keep up providing quality work for my customers.

I will share with you some tips if you are a buyer (from my personal experience) which can make your Fiverr experience even better, let’s start.

  1. Talk more with your seller
    Yes, your seller is not a witch to guess what you need so… you will need to talk more with your seller and tell him/her exactly what you want. If you skip this, then your work could be poor and you don’t want that happen, believe me.

  2. Understand that your seller is not your slave
    You should understand that your seller is not your slave, please respect everyone who is trying to help you. If your seller did more than you asked then you could give him a small tip or just say thanks! You should always appreciate a hard worker seller (like me btw)

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for a revision (or three…)
    Your work could not meet your expectations and we understand that you need a high quality service, so please be honest with us and tell us exactly what you don’t like and how we can improve your work. We want to help you, simply asking for a refund when we just sent you the work will not make us happy and be sure other sellers will think twice if they should work with you or not.

  4. Give a small tip if you love your work 🙂
    We would really appreciate it! Tips are humbly accepted so if you love the work you just received then don’t forget to give a small tip for your seller, he will appreciate it, be sure.

  5. Recommend the seller to others if he did a great job
    Yes, you should do that! An honest review will change the people life. There are a lot of scammers with fake reviews and deliver poor work. If unfortunately you worked with one, then don’t be afraid to SPEAK! Also you should contact the customer support to take care of scammers. So, always speak! Others will thank you for that 🙂

I don’t want to make a huge post… so if you have other questions or even you want to work with me then you can check out my Fiverr profile. I am here any time for you!
Have a wonderful day

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It’s unprofessional what you are trying to do. Invest time watching more tutorials which can help you improve your skills than promoting your gigs into this forum. You have to think as a buyer and master your skills. Is very hard at the beginning I know but this should make you motivated to keep up.

All the best,

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