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How can I get people buying from me?


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Hi, Kelvinklin,

You have 3 ways to show your portfolio on Fiverr. If you’re really doing “awesome designs” then you can show 2 extra images (no need to put 1 design in each image!!), 1 video (slideshow with voiceover perhaps?) for your gig, and a couple PDF documents which can include a more complete portfolio, maybe case studies, etc.

I’m in the US – and you’re in Nigeria. So we may have a language gap and maybe I’m being nitpicky: “get people buying from you” – turn it around: “How can I help more people get awesome designs?” (from you is implied). It’s an attitude change. We are all here in service to the buyer/customer. It’s good to use language that reminds us that we’re here to be of service to other people. When we serve people well, we get money as a reward.

Before you get ratings, you may have to do more than other sellers do just to get started. You’re going to do 1 logo design in 24 hours. How about giving them 3 logo concepts within 24 hours, and they pick one and you finalize it for them? Later you can change it.

Have someone check your English. “I will do an amazing logo design” is awkward. “I will CREATE an amazing logo design…” is better English. Use a stronger verb. Create, craft, design, etc.

I’m attaching a screenshot of your portfolio on one gig – something’s up with the 2 logos on the bottom – the font isn’t displaying correctly. You may need to outline your fonts in the PDF file so they don’t get messed up in the display.

I hope that helps!

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