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How to improve my Harry Potter gig?


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Hello 🙂

I created a Harry Potter gig in order to create an acceptance letter and more. It has some good stats i think like 391 impressions, 38 clicks and 112 views BUT any of these are truning onto clients.

Could you take a look a my gig and tell me what do you think i should improve to convert visitors into customers ?

Thank you !


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Guest ninjanic

Your gig looks nice, I like your use of highlighted headings and bold phrases. The only problem I could think of is that your service is impractical. (I know, mine is too.) By that, I mean, not too many people are going to need a letter of acceptance for Hogwarts, unless they are a true hardcore fan. However, I wish you the best of luck on your Fiverr journey!

and tell me if you see anything wrong with it! Thanks!

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You’re so brilliant – I wish I had thought of this one. 🙂

Tweaks for your gig: the title is fine:

“WANNA BE A WIZARD ?” I wouldn’t use “Wanna” – Fiverr is worldwide, so avoid slang.

“You’re a WIZARD, Harry!” with Wizard in bold.

Tired of waiting for your acceptance letter? Is it well past your 11th birthday?

Seriously, wasn’t that you sitting in front of the mail box, or the chimney on a Sunday in case of your parents were shooing away the owls? Oh yes, I knew it!

I found your long-awaited Hogwarts Acceptance Letter! It has the supplies list for your first year in Hogwarts. We know this is official: the back of each page has the official Hogwarts crest! I need you to take on a $5 gig so I can pack it up and send it to you.

WITH $5 MORE you can get sorted into your house!

Get a house certificate : Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff
OR a house prefect certificate (choose house & year)
OR a quidditch player certificate
OR a permission slip to visit Hogsmeade
You can even order everything (of course!)

All your documentation will be sent by PDF.

Don’t forget to send me your information: the house you want to be sorted into (I’ll tell the hat!), the name to put on the document, your team position for the quidditch certificate, etc.

Feel free to contact me anytime 🙂

I’m not sure why you need a birthdate. Probably better off not asking for that unless you really need it. That would be a red flag to me.

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Dear Civis Mundi:

How do you prefer to be addressed?

In my humble opinion, the fundamental flaw with your gig is that you assume that people are willing to do the work to EARN their diploma from this fictional magical academy!

If you were a true Harry Potter fan, you would realize that this process takes SEVEN YEARS! SEVEN!!

And on top of that, it takes TWO BOOKS to tell what happens in Year 7!

Who has that kind of time?! I believe it would behoove you to consider the possibility that anyone with the moral flexibility to purchase a fake letter of acceptance to a fictional school would probably much rather have a fake DIPLOMA…

Might I suggest that after obtaining proper rights and clearances from the proper authorities and rights owners, you add a second gig offering a DIPLOMA from the PigBlemishes Academy of Magical Sciences and Other Improbable Disciplines. Adding honors (summa cum laude, magna cum laude, Expecto Patronum), and varsity letters could be gig extras…

Good luck and may J.K. Rowling be ever in your favor (or whatever),

Blaise Faint

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Look for someone with an established mailing list relevant to your gig, then pay a little for them to send out an email and add a video to it. Alternatively create your own mailing list(utilize a landing page, PPC targeted traffic via relevant keywords.) and do the same thing. Usually the best route to go for niche’ services like this, that or viral videos on YT that bring them back to your gig. 🙂

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I hate to say this because you have a delightful idea and I think people would love it, but you’re entering a minefield re copyright. It’s okay with fan fiction and fan art, but the line that separates that stuff from copyright infringement is for-profit use, which is what this would be, so you wouldn’t legally be able to use most of the things you would need, like the crests and even the word Hogwarts or “Harry Potter”.

I think probably the only way you could do this legally would be to change the crests and use different but similar names for absolutely everything, but I’m not sure how buyers would react to that and you couldn’t even use Harry Potter tags (legally). I’m sorry to be such a party pooper but that is why merchandising rights are such a big deal in the world. Your gig might work for a while but eventually someone would find out and although they might decide that it wasn’t worth prosecuting you, they might decide it was, and you could get into serious trouble. I’m really sorry.


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