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College Student Turned Into Editor/Promoter/Writer


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So, I have been editing papers since I was in high school. I was an editor for the paper and trained with the AP style. This translated to me editing friends’ papers for free- fast forward 6 years later, and I was in my senior year of college. I was tired of working for free, especially with poorly written papers, where I was practically rewriting the papers.

I have been working on survey sites while in the states, but my husband was being stationed to Germany. Unfortunately, I would be losing out on this because we were going abroad, and many sites only work in the states or give you very little opportunities. I needed a back up plan, especially when I was going to be owing 19K at the end of this year. Plus, due to the job market offered abroad, I did not know how I would pay for my first payment towards my loans.

What got me onto Fiverr was an article I saw on Penny Pinchers. I was losing out on extreme couponing and my surveys, so I needed something else. I saw how the gigs worked, and thought about how I was always a writer and had a following on social media. I added those two skills as well to my gigs.

At first, I only received one gig offer and stopped doing Fiverr for a few months to focus on school. However, I picked it back up over the past few months and have made at least 100 a month! I was shocked- I knew I was good at editing and writing, but was not expecting all the success with my gigs. Now, I have been able to expand on my gigs and have a lot of repeat customers.

I am glad to share my story!! Don’t lose hope and know that you can make something of yourself on here if you work for it!

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