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[Tips] How to Avoid Negative Feedback


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DISCLAIMER: What works for me, may not work for you. Every seller and every buyer is different. No matter how incredibly awesome you are, there will always be one or two numb nuts who will give you a thumbs down. With that being said, let’s begin…

Tip # 1: Communicate & Update

When someone orders your gig, send them a "thank you" note. You are more likely to get a negative review if you say nothing to them, but deliver the gig. People like to feel important and like to know you're actually working.


"Hey! Thanks for ordering my gig. I will began working on your order shortly. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Thanks! :-)

-Your Name"

I like to sign my name after every message. Why? Because its more personable and let's buyers know I'm a real person and not just some order-delivering-robot. Not only that, but the more they see it, the more they remember it, and the more they remember it, the more they'll order from me in the future.

Tip # 2: Ask Questions

Asking buyers questions is a sign that you care about their project, and you're actually gathering information to fullfill their needs. Even if you know exactly what they want, it doesn't hurt to confirm/reiterate their requirements in your own words.

Tip # 3: Overdeliver

You may here this a lot, but overdelivering does make a difference. Whether you throw in a little something extra, or deliver ahead of time, buyers love it and often return for more. Note:Do not deliver random extras. Make sure the bonus is related to your initial gig offer.

Final Tip: Call-to-Action

This is the most important tip. When you deliver your gig, you must give them a call-to-action. If you don't tell buyers what they need to do, you're leaving everything up to chance. Also, its extremely important to inform them what they should do if they're unhappy. You have to be careful how you word certain things though. Word it wrong, and you'll give buyers an open invitation to bug you with unlimited revisions. Word it right, and you'll get a message in your inbox, instead of a negative review on your gig.


"Hey ! Here's your . If you need anything changed or added, please let me know by sending me a regular message. If you do like it, please mark this order as complete by leaving a "positive" review. And if you LOVE IT, please share it socially with your family & friends. Thank you again for ordering my gig! It's been a pleasure working for you. Your business is greatly appreciated. :-)

-Your Name"

If you deliver a gig with just a "here's your order. Thanks" kind of manner, buyers will think the delivery is final. You need to give them an option of contacting you if they're unhappy. Otherwise they'll express their feelings on your gig. Good customer service is key here.

And there you have it folks! I hope this helps minimize negative feedback for you all. I wish you all much success. Good luck! :-)

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