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Fiverr tips: How To Get More Orders on fiverr Using BUYER REQUEST


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There are so many ways one can make more sales on fiverr by using Buyer request feature. And here I’m going to describe how you can easily get more orders using BR. So take your time and keep reading.

You probably have noticed that Fiverr is now packed with so many gigs and fre& lancers. And it is next to impossible for new sellers to crank up their fiverr business. However, there is still one way you can start your freelancing journey with fiverr. Yes, it is buyer request. So how to use buyer request to get your fiverr business cranked up? Checkout the following paragraphs.

Make A Portfolio

You certainly have noticed that many buyers ask for a sample work before awarding their job. So having a portfolio will surely help you a lot in getting some orders from the buyer request section. Make sure that you have a professional portfolio that speaks why you are the best one for their job.

Stay Logged in on Fiverr

Try to be logged in on fiverr so you don’t miss a request. Just separate a time from your tight schedule and invest that time in building your fiverr business. I’d recommend you to spend at least 6 hours in establishing a successful business.

Improve Your Gig

You must know that your gig is sent to the buyer along with your request. So if you write an outstanding request, then the buyer will surely check out your gig before awarding you the job. So you must have a compelling gig. Don’t just spend your hours in sending buyer request. Invest your time in developing your gig because only your gig can convince a buyer. So try your best to make your gig more appealing. Listed below are six top ways you can follow to improve your gig

  1. Use a short gig description
  2. Mention your service very clearly
  3. If you offer extra services, mention them with Bold lines
  4. Be strategic in implying why you’re better than other sellers.
  5. Give them reasons why they should order your gig
  6. Finally, use some promising lines at the bottom of your gig. You will surely be amazed at the result of using promising lines.

However, [self promotion removed]

Starting a Money Making Fiverr business is certainly an uphill task. So never be disappointed, just invest your time and find out different strategies and solutions. Hopefully you can make more sales in no time.

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