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What am I doing wrong!?


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I recently started on Fiverr, examining many popular forum post and creating gigs that seemed to be in high demand. So far I am rolling at an incredible ZERO views on 3 gigs. I plead to this community, where have I gone wrong? How can I improve my gigs/profile? Thank you!

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Dear Isaiah:

Your Profile Photo: should be a picture of you, smiling

Your Log Line: You don’t have one. You should get one.

Hello, my name is Isaiah Albright, and I am currently a freelance graphic designer looking to make extra money on Fiverr. I specialize in minimalist design, especially book covers. Before graphic design I worked as an editor for a local newspaper.

This text talks about you, which is fine to an extent. You talk about being a graphic designer, but I didn’t see any graphic design gigs?! I’d suggest you place more emphasis on how you’re here to help the Buyer. Specifically, I’d suggest you replace “looking to make extra money” with “here to help YOU”

Your gigs have 1 and 2 photos, respectively. You should have 3 photos per gig and 7 gigs as a New Seller. Each gig should have a video. Your goal is to convince buyers to feel they know, like, and trust you.

Given your experience as an editor, it should be no problem for you to whip up 2 short e-books (35 pages or less), and offer them as separate gigs:

  1. How to write high quality reviews
  2. How to proofread and edit

When I was a proofreader, I learned all the fancydan symbols and squiggly lines to show underline this, bold that, delete that, stet, and so on. If you could show people how to proofread today, where none of your buyers know what those symbols mean, and just expect you to fix it, that would surely be helpful.

Delivering your e-books would take you a very small amount of time, and they would establish you as an authority in your field.

You should also publicize your gigs outside of Fiverr.

Good luck,

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