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My fiancé and I are in the Fiverr Wedding video contest and we are working really hard using social media. We have spent a great deal of time working and promoting Fiverr and our story. We were on the local news, news paper and we have a really big social network that we are utilizing. We have just about exhausted all our resources.

For a couple days I could not figure out how some of these contestants could get several hundred votes in minutes. Several days ago we had a friend recommend that we buy votes with a site he recommended. We refused the offer. Attached is a message I received this morning in my Facebook business page.

This brings up a few questions:

Is it permissible to buy votes for this contest?
If it is not permissible to buy votes, is there any way to regulate and see if people are buying votes?
How much weight do votes carry in the final decision for the Grand Prize winner?
How are the panel of judges choosing the winners?

We are so grateful for opportunities like this and we have had a blast doing press interviews and talking to reporters about our journey. Thanks for all the hard work at Fiverr.

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