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A question regarding multiple gigs


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Apologies if I’m in the wrong section (new here)

So anyway, I just hit a personal jackpot and got 10 orders (from the same guy) for one of my gigs.

Unfortunately, I had listed the delivery time for the gig as 5 days.

Does this mean I have to do 10 orders in 5 days ?

Thanks a lot for your help 🙂

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Guest drawforever

Yes you do. But if you can’t then try to reason with your buyer that the delivery time doesn’t change no matter how much they order at one go. Unless they order one by one then that’s a different story.

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This has happened to me. My buyers have always been gracious about it. I complete one or 2…deliver them…then explain the situation. They will see you are doing the work…you didn’t automatically start complaining etc.

You will not get bad feedback if you let them know what’s going on. What I don’t know is if Fiverr automatically penalizes you, even if the customer does not…would like to find out. I’ve been here a bit over a month and had no problems with customers when I explained the multi-order meltdown syndrome.

I actually added a gig (saw the suggestion here in the forum) that I direct people to when we are doing multi-gigs and it simply says I will perform whatever task we discussed…blah blah blah…and the gig has 10 days built into it. Good luck…don’t stress, just try and explain it…


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