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Dear Fiverr team please consider this request

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So this happened more than on one occasion, in fact it happens more often than it should.
I just had a client press ‘modify’ when I was asleep and I woke up to a late delivery. Needless to say the revision was not because of a mistake on my part, but the client decided to put different pictures on his videos then ones he initially sent me.

I live in Europe and I offer video spokesperson services. Most of my clients are from a different time zone to mine (States, India etc). I offer express service, and sometimes I deliver close to the deadline (I take around 15-20 hours delivery with my 24 hour express orders).

In my gig and instructions I state clearly I DO NOT offer free modifications when it’s not my error. Yet the clients seem to ignore this, and decide to either change the script or the graphics they want to be included in the video, only after I have delivered their video.

In most cases I just change their graphics, without any hassle, because I do like to turn my buyers into return clients - but when I have to have that ‘late delivery’ displayed across my order, for no fault of mine, it really really stresses me and upsets me and most of all makes me rush with my editing, which can’t be good. I need to be in relaxed state of mind to be creative and precise 🙂

Can we have some sort of a way to ensure the client knows of our modification policies? Here is what I suggest. Next to the modification button they should have two options:
A) ‘The seller made a mistake’ (free, plus one day)
B) ‘I decided to make some changes to the project’ (paid, plus one day)

And if they pick option A, can we the seller have a way to decline that without going into refund? Very often it is in fact client’s mistake. I had one client argue with me that I said a his phone number wrong, so I showed him a screenshot where he wrote the number that I read, and he apologised then as it was in fact him having typed it wrong. Very often these situations happen. Either the clients don’t read the description, or they choose to ignore it, and we the sellers should not be penalised for that and forced to do free work 😦

At least lets have an extra day to make that modification, however unfair it may be. Because with video editing, it can take me 2 hours, then I need the time to upload the video (3 hours if full HD).

Overall Fiverr team, I love you. I think that you are doing an AWESOME job at making Fiverr better with every little update 🙂 I appreciate the packages I appreciate the way you promote our gigs here and there. I really love this platform and it;s thanks to you and your hard work. This is the only thing I would suggest. And I hope you consider my request 🙂

Best wishes,

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