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My previous Fiverr ID (sajibmallick)(sajibmallick1229@gmail.com) is recently disabled By Fiverr. My fault I have been promoting my gigs on our buyers request page several time. They warned several times. But I thought that, my procedure to post a request on Buyer page is wrong that’s why they warned me and field to post on Buyer page. then I again post request on Buyer page. As a result my ID is blocked.I know it’s my fault. But If it is violation to Fiverr Terms of Service Why this option (Selling>Buyer Requests>Post a Request) Is here on
My screen…Finally I came to know if I buy a gig from some one then This optin mean post a requesr is not violation to Fiverr Terms of Service and will be post.

I have tried 2 times by posting request Fiverr Customer Support but they told me that ID will not active anymore. I need this ID it was nearly level 2 seller. Please Please tell me how I will be able to reactive my ID.

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