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Hey there! I’m Kyle - I’ve been selling with increasing success since June 2015, working hard toward hopefully getting noticed for TRS status. My market corner is voice over, audio and general writing - so my buyer requests (or now, “Available Projects”) can be quite varied, showing me sort of an interesting cross-section of posts. That being said, I’ve noticed a trend.

My suggestion for the Fiverr team would be to perhaps think of an innovation to a minor problem I see. An estimated 10% (or more) of the buyer requests at any given time are actually just sellers advertising themselves and their own services instead of requesting help. While I realize there ARE instances where sellers will sub-contract another seller for a project, the grand majority of these posts that I see are clearly directed toward consumer buyers.

Obviously, these requests fall on deaf ears since we as sellers are looking to service available projects and aren’t typically purchasing anything ourselves. This tends to clog up the list and can sometimes lead to confusion. I’ve (on multiple occasions) used up one or more of my rationed responses for the day on an ambiguously worded post that just turns out to be a seller advertising their own gigs, taking away from my potential customer contact availability for the day. I’m sure this has happened to many other sellers as well - and again, this isn’t a massive issue - but,
a slight enhancement or second wall before submitting a “request” may help ween out some of the erroneous postings.

Just a suggestion! 🙂
Cheers and best,
Kyle Brauch

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