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Feedback for a Noob


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Hey guys,

I started selling here about 2 months ago, and have had moderate success. I currently offer two writing gigs, and plan on offering a few more in the months to come. I achieved my level 1 seller ranking in about a month, and have had about 23 orders since I started as a seller. I’ve had nothing less than 5 star feedback on both of my gigs, and have even had a few repeat buyers.

The majority of the orders I receive (i.e. every order with the exception of one) has come as a result of my responding to buyer requests. While that doesn’t bother me, and I’m certainly not above putting some hustle into landing a few sales, what does concern me is that while my gigs are seen and clicked on fairly regularly, those views aren’t turning into orders. I would love for those window shoppers to turn into customers! I’d like to invite everyone to take a look at my gigs, and let me know what aspects of my gigs could stand to be improved upon.


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