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Fiverr Customer Support not care about sellers?

Guest michael_bailey

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Guest michael_bailey

Hi, I’m Michael. I am a logo designer in


2 months ago I had to suspend my all fiverr jobs for awhile because I had

a funeral in my family. So I missed lot of jobs on my queue and I got lot

of negative reviews. After the funeral 20th March I tried to withdraw my

available balance but my green buttons are gone ! CS said they have got lot

of complains about my backlogs, so I have to finish my uncompleted works

and make all my buyers happy then ask about the money after 30 days. I

did not do any wrong. I got some negative reviews. That’s all. So I did lot of

revisions in last month without a cent. And made some refunds. I didn’t get

orders much because I got some negatives. So, after 30 days week ago I

requested a ticket for asking my fund. After 7 days, yesterday they saying

I have to get back to 92-95% for get my fund. They never said that before.

I have 88% ratings now. Some buyers who given negative said they do not see

an option to change their reviews on order page. I requested a ticket again

yesterday about that issue but still not received a reply.

I can get back to ratings if fiverr let buyers to do that but it will get

some time. I told them again and again I’m in a very bad financial problem.

But they never care about that. My family was incredibaly felt down after

my nanny’s funeral. My bank going to file a case for my credit card. My

brother is singing at hotels day and night for earn some petty cash for

living. I’m keep giving violate hops to mother for find some money for

house rental. So can any one please help me ? What I suppose to do now ?

Thank you very much…


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I feel for you and your situation; but I must stress that you cannot rely on Fiverr as a guaranteed income.

It is not that Fiverr do not care about your situation, but they have so many other people to deal with, and a lot of people that also have important cases.

You will just have to wait until they respond further and until then, keep trying to work hard and promote your GIG as much as you can.

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Don’t get your hopes up. I’ve submitted my ticket regarding the same issue on April 22nd and it still hasn’t been answered. If I were you, I’d look for other solutions. Fiverr customer support has been disastrous for the past few weeks.

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I gotta tell ya I wasn’t a big fan of the way Customer Service. They did turn me over to the dark side though. They did me a huge favor it did take awhile though. Just have patience and speak to them in a reasonable manner. You will get your stuff worked out.

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Guest matt_garry

Jake is a great guy I have never had a problem with cs and generally gets back to me within 2-5 days with my problem solved.

I am sorry you are having so many problems with fiverr but when you say fiverr wont let you take out funds are these funds that you delivered empty how come a simple failed to deliver affected you I mean I haven’t ever heard of this happening before so I am just assuming you delivered empty saying sorry I will deliver later or something???

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The real problem here is that you should have de-activated your gig. It literally only takes 15 seconds.

Having a funeral sucks, but if you had a normal job would you just not show up? You would be fired.

To do good on Fiverr you HAVE to treat it like a job. And it is. You work for yourself and use Fiverr as a middleman. You should have paused your gig. Like I said, it only takes seconds.

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@michael_bailey I see that you have an order in queue which is a great start.

You need to work to get your rating back up. Start by diversifying. If you can do banners also, create a Gig for this and have it in the “Banners & Headers” Subcategory.

Can you do Flyers or brochures? Create a Gig for that specific type of job and have it in the appropriate subcategory. Doing this will help you get more exposure on Fiverr.

If you aren’t promoting your Gigs on social networks, relevant social groups & forums, put a bit of effort into that also to bring traffic over to your Gigs.

Make sure all your Gigs have videos (I know the first one does) but also test having a video where you explain about your service - in person. Buyers really respond to this because they can see you as a person which is easier to convince them to make that sale.

Hopefully doing this will help you get sales and that rating back up!

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Guest thuyta

Give Customer Support a break! They do their best to provide speedy responses and most of the time they do deliver. 😃

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Guest socialking25

because fiverr large traffic


Sheriff’s note: Please promote your gig(s) in the appropriate category - ‘My Fiverr Gigs’

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