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A Few Suggestions

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  1. When a buyer leaves feedback and it is removed that buyer can leave feedback again and you must have it removed again. Support told me they can leave feedback as many times as they wish for the same order even if support removes it. The only way to stop the madness is to cancel. Riiiiight.



  2. Auto completion of orders doesnt always complete after three days. I understand things happen, but it happens way too often, usually meaning you get paid 16-20 days after order was complete.



  3. Offering instant delivery. Needs no explanation.



  4. Add option to NOT have to complete ‘sellers instructions’ to start order.



  5. How about an email telling me a order was cancelled? I never get any emails when a order is cancelled due to paypal charge back, or other means. I just have to find out on my own. Not to mention I lose four dollars.



  6. If a buyer marks his order as ‘rejected’ why does my express clock start ticking again? I understand because technically the order isnt complete, BUT sometimes the buyer is in the wrong and there is nothing to redeliver, yet you deliver past your 24 hour mark. These things are usually misunderstandings, or ignorant buyers who dont read gig descriptions.




    Thats my short list. Fiverr is great otherwise.







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Really nice suggestions. I need to add one more that, Fiverr should need to provide option of cancellation of order with reason seller provided incomplete information for proceeding orders". After sending so many requests about provide required information some buyers are not responding.

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