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Communication with sellers


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I seem to be having a problem communicating with the sellers. I order voice overs I have been using on seller on here but I needed a different voice a female voice, so I went to another and send a message to them with detailed instructions and a mp3 music file to have it mixed in with the voice over

Here is what I sent

My name is Pj I have a webcast called Pj and Friends. I order a lot of commercials I have another artists on fiverr but I need a female artist as well. I am thinking of placing an order with you. Here is what I need.

Voice: Female

Upbeat Energetic

Music Provieded (-

Length: 30 sec

Max: 55

If you need more time for the recording to make it comfortable and flow professionally then 55 seconds is doable.

Echo/reverb on Adventure Diving. (-

Begin Script //

Adventure Diving has transformed land walkers into underwater explorers with dives and scuba lessons since 1973. Located in the Crystal River puts adventurers on the doorstep of the "Manatee Capital of the World,"

Adventure Diving’s scuba-certification courses combine online learning and practical lessons to enable solo excursions and with A full slate of above-water activities keep feet dry allowing visitors to soak including

*sunset cruises,

*airboat rides,

*horseback adventures,

*and helicopter tours.

For more information call Adveture Diving @ xxxx that’s xxxxx

End Script //

The reply I got was - " Okay great feel free to order!"

I paid extra for fast deliver, and send an extra gig as a good gesture. What I got back was not at all what we had agreed.

When asked for a revision what I they replied was

Sorry you are unhappy. My gig order page is very clear, and my gig-extras are also very clear. You didn’t order a gig-extra to add music so I did not add in your music. I thought you just sent me that so I would know what tone to read in.

We discussed this before I placed the order and now she wants to use “My gig order page is very clear”, when she said to me in the pre order message! " Okay great feel free to order!"

How am I the bad guy here?

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Communication is key in a gig like this. It sounds like you did your part. I get this all the time (I do whiteboard) where communication breaks down and things go wrong. However, in this case, right out the gate you told her your requirements so either she did not read it or she misunderstood. That misunderstood part may be hard to believe but after doing this for a while it happens more often than not even when the directions are clear.

Anyways, now that it is done, cancel and find someone else.

Good Luck

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