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Why Im selling at FIVERR (my love story)


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well I was in an amazing relationship with this senior girl in my uni…

Things were great and we decided that we have to get married, even though we

were still enrolled in university.

So I talked to her elder sister and she said you’re a good boy, but you have to be on your

foot financially so that we can wed her to you.

I obviously cant wait, for uni to finish, and then find a job etc…

I just want her right away

So someone told me of FIverr, I also heard of the success stories so I made an account

and became a seller to be financially stable. <3

so far have just reached level one… looking for top rated seller to prove my girls family

that i’m more than financially stable, I can take care of the whole family.

Did not have much orders today, just thought Id share my story, maybe someones goodluck would become a charm for US.

Thanks for reading


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