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My sales diary


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I have joined Fiverr since 3 month ago. My first order is a music producer at US, he very friendly and we have 3-4 deal until present, and will have more in future. I’m not good english, I didn’t used it for nearly 10 years, thanks god, all of my client know what I said with they X_X So, I’m so sorry if you can’t understand what I said in this topic.

In the first month, I just have 3 orders. Luckily, all cost of them always more than 15$. until present, I just have 6 orders have cost is 5$. Thanks god about this.

I’m not a worker, I’m just a Sales online. My work is find clients, deal, and get order as more as possible. I think everybody will said “wow, a light work!”. But all seller knew how difficult to deal with customer, to get a best price after minus all cost like as: Fiverr fee, paypal fee…and with me, have a bank’s Foreign currency exchange fee. It take of my money about 30-35%, and I just get 50% of the remaining amount. I also have to work with differences of time zone, and often have to wake up at midnight to respond to customers.

To do work of a sales online, You must to quickly calculate, how much to discount? How much to increase price without making customers go away? And how to give client have comfortable feeling to comeback with your service?

Sometimes I stress because the pressure from client and cooperator, I must to make both have happy and comfortable feeling. If I can’t do that, I will lost all my work, money and my effort. X_X

But the thing that makes me happy is except two customer unfriendly and have some bad act, all of my buyers are excellent.

Once, I have a Korean client, the first trouble of my sales. He ask me to draw some illustration for his work, and just pay 10$ for all artwork, including remove watermark.

In exchange for that, he would order more than 20 orders for me. At that time, I need to have enough the number of orders to up level 2, so, I had agree with this deal.

The first order is great, but then, the modify request sent to me every day. Only to edit one detail of artwork. I had must to edit to 10 times for one detail.

Finally, I have to give a ask to sell all that orders with 5$/each, or free for all, to finish that terrible case.

This is a terrible experience. X_X

(to be continued)

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I looked at your gigs and your watercolor illustrations are superb. I think I would be very discouraged if I had the artistic talent that you have and people were requesting so many modifications. My suggestion would be to state on each gig the number of modifications that you allow (maybe one or two). That way buyers know what to expect, and they can’t take advantage of you.

Best of luck with your gigs.

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Thank you for your advice. Usually I always confirm all of their opinion before start work. And when they as me a modify, I always tell they please let me know all of things they want to modify in 1 times. But sometimes, like that buyer I told, never let me know exactly what’s him want, and when he told him want something like as, I sent back and he told again “no, I don’t want anything like that”. With risk of cancel 6 orders in one times, I can’t do anything except accept his modify request 😦 so unlucky!

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Today I have a client who ordered my gig 1 times ago. He ask me to draw a picture of a family with 3 person, at a beach, with some thing like sand castle, balloon, some detail background and said will give me a chance to get a lot of orders everyday. When I send back my artwork with watermark, he ask me to leave it or make it smaller, as small as possible. Well, I think I will accept that request to make the watermark smaller, in between the picture, but he don’t want it at that. And now he told his client don’t like that artwork, and he want to me refund all cost to him.

What’s happened with that man, God? Someone think they can order something from seller, and when they said “hey, I don’t like it, I want to get back my money”, so, all of try and time of seller is free?

I think if he ask me “hey, my client doesn’t like that, but we can cancel this order, and I will give you 1/2 or 1/3 of basic cost for your artwork?”, maybe I will free all for him. Just asking, and it will make better feeling for both.

That feel I have now is so terrible more than when I have a same country client, who threatens to send me a bad feedback when I refused to remove watermark free for her. Why someone always want to get all artwork without payment? So badly, everyone need alive, and be respected.

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