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Expansion of "Gig extras"


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This is something that I have been thinking for a while. In some of my gigs, I wish I could offer more gig extras (top seller) as I have to sacrifice some of the extra services I want to offer in order to offer other ones that might be more popular.) I suggest we could use more gig extras, as that means more income for seller and more income for Fiverr as well. Four gig extra (plus extra fast) seems a little too limiting. I know I would have more potential if I could offer more gig extras.

In addition, it would be awesome for the gig extras to be able to break the plateau of $100. After all, the feature of sending quotes (which is awesome) allows up to $10,000 while the gig extras only allow up to $100.

I would be so happy if both options (especially the first one) to be included!

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