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I’m trying to figure out the best way to partner with someone. I always have business ideas going through my head day after day but i need some key components in order to make it happen. First of all, i need a front end developer, secondly i need someone that can help me scale up my gig. The amount of sales i receive come and go but sometimes they come in like a roller coaster going downhill and it becomes a huge challenge to sustain the workload.

It’s not operated like a typical service. I use multiple internet connections, physical computers and virtual machines. I need someone that can help me expand the connectivity of this setup and add more systems to the “network” This person will also need to help me make sure that everything is running smoothly. With all these moving pieces, something can stop working at anytime.

Here’s the thing; I’ve worked extremely hard for two years to get to where i am now. So i need someone that i can trust and is open to work with me over the long term. This partnership wouldn’t just be for this gig, I’m hoping to find someone i can share my ideas with and get the foundation in place to really take things to the next level; to begin the process of forming a team. I don’t slow down, i just keep moving forward and i’m constantly iterating on my procedures/methods. If you’re a quick learner and enjoy challenge than you may be a good fit for this endeavor.

I’m a father, a husband, a sales consultant and soon to be college student. I’m a busy man, so i don’t expect you to give up all your free time to this but i would prefer it if you’re new to the fiverr scene or aren’t currently receiving a lot of orders to make it easier for us to communicate and brainstorm. I also need someone that is highly skilled and experienced in IT. A good example of the person i’m looking for would be someone that knows a lot about computing but has been struggling to grow as a seller or hasn’t yet tried to be one but is very interested in starting.

The business of this partnership can be figure out in time but for now i just want to see if anyone is open to discussion about working with me. Thanks a lot for reading this long post and i look forward to your response. By the way, it’ll be super easy for us to collaborate. My workflow is entirely in google drive, docs and sheets except for the systems administration of course; that is managed with remote desktop applications.

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