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Gigs to help me with getting a blog into Google


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this is only my second time on the Fiverr Forum so be gentle with me.

Im looking for help, I want to start producing a blog (external to Fiverr) that will be quite high up in Google searches to drive traffic to my Fiverr gigs.

Im a voice over by trade and wanted to get more sales.

Can anyone suggest a really good SEO writer that could write articles for me to help me do this please.

My Fiverr gigs are here: www.Fiverr.com/mikeporter

Thank you in advance.


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There are so many good ones man, and even more terrible ones.

Contact first have a few words, test the waters with a weak sauce gig, see how you feel about them…

Best Regards,

MichellTech (Rob)

Best In The Business!

Come’on, Buy A Gig Already! You Know You Want Too…!

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