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Fiverr tells me I am to be charged 8% because I am Israeli - really? I am Australian


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Well got to say that my first ever experience as a potential buyer with Fiverr has potentially put me off. I want to progress with a job - yet Fiverr tells me as an Israeli I am to be charged 8%. So here we go. I am Australian - based in Australia. Currently on holiday in Thailand. I am as Australian/Kiwi as you can get - I have not even travelled to Israel. So why would this warning/charge come up? Frankly, I am not going to be charged 8% for some other countries tax requirements. Fiverr - you have to look into this - I have checked my settings - yup still based in Australia. So what is your problem? If this is my first time experience then I won’t be using ever and won’t recommend to any associates.

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