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Extension of end product


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I would like to suggest that there is some sort of button for the person doing the gigs to press to extend the due date on the project. I gave an illustrator 15 pages to do for me and the time he was given by fiverr was obviously not enough time but there is no way he could ask me for an extension except by a msg to me. I said that was ok to the illustrator but on fiverr it kept coming up that it was late and I could cancel my order. I don’t want to cancel. so instead he sent me a sample of order which then fiverr notified me that my order was then complete. which my order is not complete. all I could do then to keep order open was to send a modification note to the illustrator.

I think there should be a better way we could communicate to them. they need to make changes and add some more buttons for the person doing the job to be able to get an extension if needed and agreed by both parties.

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