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Whats the secret to getting the gigs?


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Sometimes I wonder what i’m doing wrong. I do my homework on fiverr, (spying on the competition) who always seem to have a huge list of buyers in que. It really irks me when its for gigs that are only a few months old when mine are often times older than theirs. I offer very good quality work with my gigs, but that alone doesn’t seem to be enough.

I just submitted a video for review for my vectorize logo gig, and hopefully this will drive in some more orders. Whats the secret to being high in fiverrs searches, and top rated?? Will anyone share your tips to being featured or recognized on fiverr?

Update: I posted a video to my account and just noticed I am listed on the first page on fiverr… not featured, about 10 below that, but yay, eitherway!

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