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Where is My Money?


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I have been on fiverr.com some about 10 months now

I have a lot of gigs not to mention through me over a thousand new sellers have joined fiverr

But lately i have noticed that my revenues are not up to date for me and my team.

Not to mention fiverr seems to drag their feet when it comes to transferring my funds to my account.

This is very discouraging. I hate waiting for my payments. this is not Kool as most of my people and self live in third world countries. Where we need to be able to draw our pay to cover our basic needs. I am hoping that fiverr resolves this issues asap. As this is not the only site where we work but it is the only site that takes forever for us to get paid. Infact we don’t even mind the fact that fiverr takes 20% which kind of sucks but we endure any way. My personal Network has over 70,000 Persons in it and who is not on fiverr yet we are training and teaching the skills they need to survive in the Internet market place. When you think about it fiverr make a lot off of us. So we and I mean we because I am the leader of the Jobfair Worldwide Network and it is my responsibility to protect the rights of our members. To speak on behalf of 70,000 persons worldwide.

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Maybe any of your customer is not happy with your services and report to fiverr and then they put hold all your revenue.

And Now they will not clear your fund until you make the customer happy OR refund his money.

Contact fiverr customer support and they will help you better.

Best of Luck

Sumit Ojha

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@anthonycorreia - You speak for 70,000+ people. Wow. That’s pretty impressive going by your 50 or so orders received on Fiverr.

I’ve been here 3 years+ and have never had a problem withdrawing. I would suggest you contact Customer Support if you haven’t already. It sometimes takes a while for them to answer because they’re pretty busy but they do. Eventually. And good luck.

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I don’t quite understand what you just wrote.

I very rarely refund. Like… 1 in every 500. lol.

And what do you mean “It would be hard for me to work as a Boss?” ???

I am a ‘Boss’ in the real world. How do you think I pay my bills? lol.

Like I said. Good luck. I’ve never had any problems on Fiverr. And I’ve completed a lot more gigs.

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@radjaseotea - Never happens to me… Like I said… and my “Sales Value” is thousands and thousands of gigs sold…

I just don’t understand why you talk about how you need to pay 70000 people… when you’ve sold under 200 gigs in 2+ years??? What are you paying them? Like .00001 cents?

You should also know, since you’ve been here so long that posting on the Forum won’t help. We’re not Fiverr. We’re just sellers like you.

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