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I will not stop


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I will not stop until this is resolved.

I hired a Fiverr to make a Fan Page for me. Once this was done I asked him to remove himself as Administrator and appoint me. It has been two weeks and he still has not done as I asked. Repeatedly he has ignored my requests.I filed a complaint a week ago. He quickly cancelled the gig and refunded my money but is STILL on my Fan Page as Administrator. For the last two weeks I have not been able to do any Book promotions because he is holding my Fan Page hostage. FIVERR has done NOTHING ABOUT IT. No one has gotten back to me. They think that because the gig has been canceled that it is over… but not for me. I WANT MY FAN PAGE BACK AND THIS GUY…DZEESHAH… OUT OF MY LIFE. Ticket #737314

Sheriff’s note: please stop posting the very same content all over the forum!

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