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Ideas for fiverr


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Just had these 2 ideas that fiverr could implement, now that they’re changing a lot of things on the site.

  1. REMOVE the Rate & Review option for the buyer after 7 days (from the date of delivery).

    I’ve seen some sellers complain that a buyer left a negative review, months and even years, after the order was delivered. 7 days I think is good enough. Whether or not the buyer likes the product or service delivered, 7 days is long enough to leave a review. Don’t tell me something that happened 50 years ago. I live in the present!

  2. Integrate DROPBOX within fiverr to facilitate easy & quick exchange of LARGE files, like videos.

    So these are just 2 idea’s I had. If you guys have any other idea’s, please feel free to post them in the comments section below. Hopefully we’ll be able to compile a list of our ideas and send them to fiverr.
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