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How Can I Tell When Funds will be Made Available?


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I know this topic has already been discussed on prior posts- as far as the length of time, and I know that it takes 14-17 days for funds become available after gig completion. BUT how can I check back later for a date that shows when fiverr is about to make a deposit into my account - meaning, how do I see the status/date of when payment will be made available from each gig? When I look down my gigs page I see 3 statuses, but none of them say “paid” or indication of a date that they will be paid.

On other posts I’ve seen, people said go to revenues page and hover over the gig which will tell the status, however, those posts I read were from 2012 and 2013. I suppose it’s changed since then?

When I go down my revenues page I see only 3 different statuses:

Funds Cleared

Revenue for Order Completion

Funds Pending Clearance

When I hover over any of those options, it only gives me the option to “view gig”. - It does not show me when the payment will become available to me.

Now, I would think “Funds Cleared” means I would have those funds available in my account, but apparently it doesn’t mean that. Otherwise I would already have the funds in my available balance.

So I’m confused. Can someone tell me where to see when my funds are supposed to come available? I didn’t really worry about this before, but once I started getting a lot more gigs, it’s been a little hard to keep track.

Advice anyone? Thanks in advance for your input 🙂

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I’m stupid… I just answered my other question… lol. Though it took me a day to figure it out.

In the “Revenues” section, at the top of the page where it shows the dollar amounts, hover over the “Pending Clearance”, then click on the words “Pending Clearance” DUH!!! I don’t know why I didn’t notice this before, as much as I hang around on Fiverr. LOL

I would delete this post, but maybe it will help someone else who needs to know the same thing.

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