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LOGGING IN/OUT ISSUE: Has anyone else notice this?

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Hi there Forum Members


(and if already aware, this posting may act as a remindar)

I logged into my Fiverr account on my mobile phone. After a few minutes browsing the forum, the signal went.

So I logged in again via my computer and continued browsing this forum.

When I logged out and went back to my mobile to make a phone call, to my horror, my Fiverr account was still open (signal had returned) and the Fiverr forum page I was viewing was still accessible!!

This means Fiverr (at present) does not alert users that their account is opened elsewhere, therefore had a thief got hold of my details I would have no way of knowing, that they were logged in too at same time or whenever they choose 😦

I would think that when I logged out on my computer, it would automatically log out on my mobile phone

So please, Fiverr sellers/buyers, be extra security aware when logging in and out of your Fiverr account


Perhaps in the next round of improvements the Fiverr Team will address this issue by:

  1. a small message each time we log in ie: 'You last logged on: XXDay XXTime’

  2. a small message 'Can’t log in as logged on another device’

    Such messages would definitely help me

    What do you think?
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  1. Yes that sounds good

  2. NO, I actually do not want that to happen.




    Here’s a scenario.


    X is a fiverr user, X is waiting to withdraw all his paypal funds at once.


    One day X’s mobile gets stolen. Y is the person who stole the mobile.


    While going through history, Y found Fiverr page open (X hadn’t logged out).


    Y withdrew the funds and kept fiverr page open at all times, smart move Y.


    Now X cannot open his account at all because Y is using it at the same time.




    Also, I use fiverr on my mobile, iPod, desktop, laptop 1 & laptop 2 simultaneously (I know I am a small seller but hey, that’s not the point). I would need to login again and again each and everytime to login from my comp, mob, iPod etc…




    Hope you understand what I mean

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