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New fiverr mechanism to increase buyer user base


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This would be a new mechanism.

Is a friend birthday or just a normal day but me as a fiverr buyer, I would like to gift a cartoon from a fiverr artist to a friend or relative. 

Instead of asking for the photo, or going through Instagram photos, and then working with the Fiverr artist he or she wants it more like this, he or she says is ok like this, etc… 

Instead of having the beneficiary of the cartoon have to create an account and then learn how Fiverr works, then contact the artist, etc… 

What if me, the user, pays the artist for the work and mark it as a gift. Seller is notified too. Hey, this is a gift you will be working with another person who isn’t even have a fiverr account (yet).

A guest message link is generated. (Gkrone’s  guest). Future user and current seller work together on the guest chat link. Send photo, edits, etc… it’s all payed for by the existing fiverr user, and no need for the gift buyer to be the messenger between the beneficiary and the artist.

Experience went super good, beneficiary decides to create Fiverr account!

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