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Fiverr Love Story


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I started on Fiverr as a matter of need more than anything. I was going away on holiday with my ex partner and kids and well… I was broke. I found that after writing fiction I wasn’t too shabby at article writing. So set about gaining traction on Fiverr. My very first sale was for a Jerk Chicken outlet in London haha. I still remember that and getting pumped when I saw the order come in. It was only $5 but hey, it was MY $5. I used Fiverr to feed the kids at times, and buy nice things for my ex. I have to admit writing articles for fast food outlets wasn’t my goal in life. But helping others with their business had its rewards.

That relationship broke down after 8 years, so I had decided to quit Fiverr. There was no point after all. Depression and the feeling of being a helpless fool was more than enough company. I didn’t need money or friends or any kind of a life. But I did kind of miss Fiverr. And still wrote every day, just for fun. It was February 14th 2013, when my debut novel Eloise Crimson was being scheduled for release. I had spent my days and nights sitting on my ass writing for fun and ended up with a decent novel. Strange how not meaning to do something usually ends up with us actually … well doing something. Valentines day 2013, I had received a message from an old Fiverr customer asking if i was around anymore. And logged into my p.c as my iPhone app (yes THAT one) was glitchy to the hilt. I chanced upon Facebook since the customer wanted me to take a look at his fan page and decided to check my FB messages as we all do. And my author friend Linna Drehmel had sent me a message asking me to start a fan group. A fan group? Really? I have no fans!!

And then she rightly pointed out that of course I haven’t. Since I don’t have a fan group. So I gave in reluctantly and started a little fan group for my work. And Linna the dear that she is added a chunk of her friends to the group to “get me going”. One of those friends was Trish (the lady in my profile pic). An American girl from Washington that had been friends with Linna and a fan of her work for yonks. Well we spoke briefly and it was fun, flirty a little too. The following day I couldn’t stop thinking about Tricia. She wouldn’t leave my mind. So I asked Linna to message her and send me a friend request. Since Facebook had shut me down for adding old school friends all at once. So the next day we spoke on messenger, and it went great. Soon we were talking of meeting up (I’m English) and she said there was a chance she could come to Birmingham and London with Linna on a promo tour with Linna’s publisher. And so the date was set. We spoke every day on s***e and wrote letters to each other. We were the best of friends more than anything.

The day Trish arrived at Heathrow was magical. I remember thinking that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. And I still think that. June 12th 2013 - June 28th 2013 was a special time for me. I got to spend a few days with a woman I had fallen head over heels in love with. She is everything to me. Funny, pretty, sexy, great at cheering me up, a kind loving soul. Fiverr earnings allowed me to meet her again in February of 2014, and I proposed to her. Exactly ONE year from the day we first spoke. The very hour in fact. She said yes!! And so my path is now set, I will be married to my soulmate in 2015. Applying for my greencard in the US as well.

I am seeing her again in September this year. All because of Fiverr. Had I not checked my messages, or earned the money I needed through this platform. I would of never met my soulmate. I am now gearing my Fiverr earnings toward full time income with tips from certain sellers. And my rating has dropped a little due to trying to do too much too soon. But I will always be thankful for Fiverr, the money is one thing, the fact that it has allowed me to see Trish is another. I look forward to many years of full time income off Fiverr. And many years of joy with my T. Thank you for reading if you did. I just wanted to share this little slice of what the gig economy is doing to change lives.

Love and Light


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