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Spammers invaded Fiverr, but not action is taken


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If you’re looking to Fiverr ToS, then you can find that it don’t support spam, even more, Fiverr says that accounts that are used for doing spam will be disabled:

[Posting or sending adult, illegal, rude, abusive, improper, copyright protected, promotional, spam, violent, nonsense or any uncool stuff is strictly prohibited. Doing so will get your account disabled permanently.]

Spam, Spam & Spam = More Money

But, in real life… lots of spammers are level 2, even Top Rated Sellers. These spammers are lying buyers with unrealistic promises (like “become no1 in Google results”) and destroyed thousands of websites of thousands of buyers, who now flooded the internet (via forums, blogs, social media, etc) with negative reviews about Fiverr Services (that in the world of internet marketing it tend to become “Fiverr Spam Services”).

Multiple Accounts

Even worst! If you’re doing a smart search among SEO services, you’ll find in a half an hour that some Top Rated Sellers have another 2 or more Fiverr accounts, that offer spammy (black hat) SEO services, sometimes with very similar gigs. What I don’t understand is why their gigs from multiple accounts are listed on TOP of searches (I don’t want to offend somebody, but it’s a little strange).

TOP Listings in Fiverr Searches

Another negative impact of these TOP Rated Spammers is that they are getting better positions/listings in Fiverr searches = that means they will ruin many other buyers, and legit sellers (who are not selling spam), get their quality gigs shadowed, almost invisible in Fiverr searches. Here the 100% Positive Feedback Rule is not applied for getting a better rank or sales (from Fiverr searches).

Negative Feedbacks Trap

Negative feedbacks are a gold mine for a buyer who’s searching for quality gigs, but Fiverr created the opportunity of removing negative feedbacks via the “mutual cancellation requests” . So hundreds of negative feedbacks was removed from reviews of many TOP Rated (Spammers) Sellers, that sold gigs of value grater than $100.000 on Fiverr. Again, I don’t want to offend somebody, but it’s not fair to indirectly help spammers, even they sell gigs over $100k for unrealistic promises (these guys are lying thousands of buyers)…

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Guest celticmoon

I’ve found that most of the members or gigs that I reported to CS for apparently breaking Fiverr’s TOS were gone when I checked again. Sometimes within hours of my reporting them. But sometimes that didn’t happen. It was usually for gigs which were doing less egregious rule-breaking, so it might have come down to a matter of opinion (in my opinion, this or that gig was using images that aren’t allowed in the TOS, but since the wording of the TOS is vague in many places, maybe the editor who evaluated the gig didn’t agree with me, and so left it up…good example “adult”, “rude” “abusive” or “improper”…all words that have different meanings to different people).

I’m curious, what was the gig you saw that sold for over $100,000? Did you report this? I recently reported someone selling $700+ gigs, and he was gone within hours.

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Search in SEO category for sellers who sold gigs that count in total more than $100.000 . I would put here some external links from authority websites that blame Fiverr for hosting a few TOP Rated Sellers who are doing SPAM, but… I’m affraid that this action would have a negative impact over me (becasue those spammers bring a huge income in Fiverr banking accounts)…

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