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Thank You Fiverr.com


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My name is Jay.

Im 33 yrs old and I have cancer… I just started out with fiverr.com because I needed extra money to support my service dog Fun-Goo I got him about 6 months ago after the medication I was taking for cancer, started to give me seizures… :o3

Hes an amazing dog but I get no assistance $$ wise and I was running low on money to feed him… So far within the month… thanks to this site… I made 17 sales and I was able to not only buy his food for the month… but I was able to pay for his alert phone bill and also I did this with out asking anyone for help…

I love working but due to my seizures… Its hard for me to work a full time job… Plus also its hard to work when you have a service dog standing next to you and have people stare at you…

I felt great to make extra money at home on my own time and not have to beg anyone for a handout… I miss my old job helping people before i became ill… but after a few years from working at ground zero 9/11 I became pretty sick…

I thank everyone on here for being supportive… if you have time…

these are the gigs that I have online http://www.fiverr.com/fungoodesigns

Please if you need any help… Im here for you because fiverr.com was here for me… I just hope my success keeps going strong!!

Bless you all!!

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