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No orders from buyers :(


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Hi Fiverr community!

My name is Mike and I am from Ukraine!

A few weeks ago, I decided to start my journey to Fiverr. I created a profile, filled it all out and created a few gigs. I haven't received orders for a long time. I try to be online a lot of time, in the Buyer requests section there are very few offers and a lot of competition. I don't understand how to get the first customers.
Maybe some problem I don't know about? Can anyone help?

Thanks and peace

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I see some of your gigs. If you are just starting out and have no buyers, build a portfolio. Publish your most creative work with the goal to impress them. The best way to build trust with buyers is to show them your work, instead of telling them that you can do it. 

Your gigs will slowly gain impressions and buyers will eventually start contacting you. When a buyer contacts you, show enthusiasm in explaining your services. Don’t give one word answers, always elaborate. Even if you get the order, make sure you communicate effectively till you deliver the order.

Gig Video is a great way to sell your value proposition. It attracts more eyeballs and drives more clicks to your gig. You can record yourself or create an informative video without showing your face. Images also do a good job at driving traction, but video takes the cake.

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