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Order Completion



Hey! My question is: every day I decrease order completion. I have had 2 orders in the last 2 days

At first there was a figure of 89%, after the first order it was 91%, yesterday after the second order it was 92%. But today I look at the statistics, and I see that the figure has dropped again to 91%


What is it connected with? why is it decreasing Order Completion?

Help me please

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Completion rate reflects the ratio of "Numbers of completed orders over numbers of total orders (completed or canceled)" over last 60 days.


(number of Completed orders) divided by (number of (completed orders + Canceled Orders)) x 100


i.e. you've completed 47 orders and 3 orders were canceled in last 60 days then completion rate comes

47/ (47+3) *100 = 47/50 *100 = 94%

Say 1 more day passed and then in last 60 days total completed order is 38 and 2 orders were canceled then completion rate comes
38/40 * 100 = 95%

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