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Best gig is down from almost a year now. no clicks no impressions



Hello Everybody,

Can someone guide me a little bit please? My gig was doing great on first page but for past almost a year its just vanished and i could see that in last page. There are very few impressions and only a single i click i could see weekly. i am really worried as fiverr is my only source of income. I would be very grateful for your help.

I adopted every method but didn't succeed. What can I do now. Please Let me know


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I just checked your profile, as of 1 dec 2021, you are a level two seller and have just 4 gig.

Don't you know that you can create many more gigs than that?


If you are not getting enough impession, you should contact fiverr or should use https://www.fiverr.com/pages/promoted-gigs for promotion of your gig.

also, share your links of gig or profile to get more exposure. Because other factor also impact the performance of gig.


You have a good rating. Don't lose hope. I will suggest you to create more gig and try above method which i told, hope it may work for you.

The reason for not getting enough impression may be that, there are not enough buyer or competition is more in your category.


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