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Funny its been over 2 or maybe 3 years after hitting a Top Rated Seller.

I have jumped in to many groups on here and seen people asking why this or why that,And why fiverr isn’t hearing Me??..And why hasn’t fiverr helped me???

As I looked closer,It’s mainly they never asked them for help.I would have never got where I have been with out asking fiverr for help.

I’m not with out my unfair thumbs down,But Fiverr after asking they did look into it. On all 8 times and they removed all of them.Not that I was a Top Rated Seller,My first was at level 2 .Fiverr has always been here for me.

I think its sad most don’t just ask for help from fiverr.I have seen great sellers here asking for help to all but fiverr.

I love Fiverr and my buyers for my buyers are as crazy as me:) But when I get one that is just mean and trys to hurt me the first thing I do is ask fiverr for help.And yes they do see everything on that order and yes at 100% they help you.I’m so happy to be here to do my best,And I’m so happy to be a Top Rated Seller! But that would have never happened If at level one If I didn’t ask my first question to fiverr and saw that they answered me back.

My story is this,To be come Great on here you most see that Fiverr as the one on your side,But if you dont ask them for help then you really dont know what fiverr is.For fiverr is not your boss but your family that really cares about you.When you learn this,Then you will be Great on here.

God bless.

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